New Client Web Platform Launched

We’re excited to showcase one of our newest client web platforms to launch. This is a multi-site platform running wordpress with a series of custom plugins and design elements that allow this online learning school to really stand out and function well for its intended purpose.

Visit and to check out the final end result and fully operational platform.

Val Heart’s main site is setup as her personal brand for one on one coach, private consulting and to establish her name as the leading authority as an expert pet communicator online. The other site, Learn How to Talk To Animals, is her online school where people can register to participate as a beginner or advanced learner, in this amazing topic of animal communicating. It is a very innovative offering and we’re excited to put the tools and platform together for Val to bring her gifts to more people in the world looking to bridge the connection between their own body, mind and spirit and those of the pets and animals in their lives as well.

The Boss’ Christmas Present to All Developers

The boss walked into the office today with a bag full of goodies. Obviously a big black friday score. His bag had the Best Buy logo on it, so everyone’s eyes lit up and were tracking the bag from the door all the way into the conference room.

All day long, every developer and manager on staff walked by the conference room contemplating what the boss brought into the office. What was in the big bag?

We knew the big holiday staff meeting/party was later that day, but we just couldn’t wait to find out what was inside.

Finally, 4pm came around and we all headed into the conference room.

The boss finally unveiled his gifts. Wireless gaming headsets for everyone! Wow. This is huge. We could not believe what we were looking at. These were top notch premium headsets that normally retailed for $299, and the boss picked them up on Black Friday promotion/sale for only $149 each. We can’t wait to put them to great use during our evening/night LAN gaming parties… and oh, yeah we’ll use them at work too. We’re on the phone all the time on skype sessions, google hangouts and more so it will be really convenient to have bluetooth wireless and high quality audio capabilities at our fingertips with these cutting edge headsets.


Website Move Announcement

Our firm, Asheville Web Design Company, has recently moved our website from our old domain to our new home inside the TRIBE.LY community. Asheville Web Design Company is an extention of the parent company TRIBE.LY. The new URL to our home page is . We hope you enjoy the fresh look and find it easy to navigate to browse our services and what we are all about.

asheville seoTRIBE.LY is a global Marketing and Business Growth firm specializing in helping unique business models launch, as well as growth hacking small businesses into $1 million/year revenue companies and beyond. From initial branding elements, copywriting and messaging, to social media platform establishment and web design, to traffic strategies, SEO/SEM and lead generation, we are truly a one stop shop for entrepreneurs and small businesses to come and outsource their entire marketing strategy and tactical execution.

TRIBE.LY is based in Asheville, NC but extends its reach globally to clients that are willing to work and communicate virtually. We happily assist some clients in the Asheville, Western North Carolina, even Charlotte, Greenville SC and Knoxville TN areas as well, which opens up opportunities for some face to face meeting and developing a more personal/professional partnership.



Elegant Themes with Major Divi Update

This week, the biggest news in web design world was the release of Divi 2.4. It was such a huge release, we’re surprised it didn’t just become Divi 3.0. The functionality and features in this release were extensive, so much so, that it is completely revolutionizing the way web design is done.

Our sister company, Asheville Web Design Company, has been using Divi exclusively and solely for its clients. We’ve been involved in many of those projects and can absolutely say that our experience with Divi has been everything as advertised and beyond that.

Divi is a theme that was released a couple years ago by Elegant Themes, a wordpress based theme designer that has always made solid wordpress themes that were excellent in design, but Divi really took things to the next level when it was released. The company primarily shifted its resources toward the Divi project and stopped releasing  a lot of other themes so they could just improve this “beast” of a platform.

What Divi does really well is take the normal wordpress “default” web design editor, and implements its own Divi web design editor that enables you to use drag and drop design elements to esentially create a highly customized web page (and now post) at will very easily without the need for coding or development knowledge and experience.

Divi 2.4 is a web designer’s dream come true with even more customizations then ever, new modules, new ways to have control over the entire design of the website you are working on.

For more Divi information and to see some of our client’s websites that we’ve put together with Divi, like ReMARKable whiteboard paint or Quit Smoking with My Fresh Vape,  visit