Elegant Themes with Major Divi Update

This week, the biggest news in web design world was the release of Divi 2.4. It was such a huge release, we’re surprised it didn’t just become Divi 3.0. The functionality and features in this release were extensive, so much so, that it is completely revolutionizing the way web design is done.

Our sister company, Asheville Web Design Company, has been using Divi exclusively and solely for its clients. We’ve been involved in many of those projects and can absolutely say that our experience with Divi has been everything as advertised and beyond that.

Divi is a theme that was released a couple years ago by Elegant Themes, a wordpress based theme designer that has always made solid wordpress themes that were excellent in design, but Divi really took things to the next level when it was released. The company primarily shifted its resources toward the Divi project and stopped releasing  a lot of other themes so they could just improve this “beast” of a platform.

What Divi does really well is take the normal wordpress “default” web design editor, and implements its own Divi web design editor that enables you to use drag and drop design elements to esentially create a highly customized web page (and now post) at will very easily without the need for coding or development knowledge and experience.

Divi 2.4 is a web designer’s dream come true with even more customizations then ever, new modules, new ways to have control over the entire design of the website you are working on.

For more Divi information and to see some of our client’s websites that we’ve put together with Divi, like ReMARKable whiteboard paint or Quit Smoking with My Fresh Vape,  visit http://www.ashevillewebdesign.co

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