New Client Web Platform Launched

We’re excited to showcase one of our newest client web platforms to launch. This is a multi-site platform running wordpress with a series of custom plugins and design elements that allow this online learning school to really stand out and function well for its intended purpose.

Visit and to check out the final end result and fully operational platform.

Val Heart’s main site is setup as her personal brand for one on one coach, private consulting and to establish her name as the leading authority as an expert pet communicator online. The other site, Learn How to Talk To Animals, is her online school where people can register to participate as a beginner or advanced learner, in this amazing topic of animal communicating. It is a very innovative offering and we’re excited to put the tools and platform together for Val to bring her gifts to more people in the world looking to bridge the connection between their own body, mind and spirit and those of the pets and animals in their lives as well.

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