The Boss’ Christmas Present to All Developers

The boss walked into the office today with a bag full of goodies. Obviously a big black friday score. His bag had the Best Buy logo on it, so everyone’s eyes lit up and were tracking the bag from the door all the way into the conference room.

All day long, every developer and manager on staff walked by the conference room contemplating what the boss brought into the office. What was in the big bag?

We knew the big holiday staff meeting/party was later that day, but we just couldn’t wait to find out what was inside.

Finally, 4pm came around and we all headed into the conference room.

The boss finally unveiled his gifts. Wireless gaming headsets for everyone! Wow. This is huge. We could not believe what we were looking at. These were top notch premium headsets that normally retailed for $299, and the boss picked them up on Black Friday promotion/sale for only $149 each. We can’t wait to put them to great use during our evening/night LAN gaming parties… and oh, yeah we’ll use them at work too. We’re on the phone all the time on skype sessions, google hangouts and more so it will be really convenient to have bluetooth wireless and high quality audio capabilities at our fingertips with these cutting edge headsets.


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